Bonanni Development has successfully been one of Orange County’s top residential developers for over 30 years.  With over $500M in diversified real estate market capitalization to date, Bonanni Development maintains and strives to continue to work well with city municipalities to create housing developments that improve the urban fabric within the community.  We are a through-process developer that is hands on and highly disciplined from the acquisition of the property, to the completion of the development, always with the intent of adding value to the land, as well as its surrounding community.  We strategically continue to be on the forefront of the highly diverse, and ever evolving markets of Southern California, which demands our highest attention, in which we are so dedicated.

Our same attention to detail and communication transparency that we display with city officials, land acquisitions, etc. is also what translates in congruence to our customer service that is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Whether a new home buyer, or a repeat tenant in one of our luxury rentals, Bonanni Development aims to provide the best overall experience from beginning to end.